OHGS v The School at Sunningdale 25th September 2016


The School lost 0 – 3 with Simon Page in charge, and attended by Alex Mann talent spotting, and Stephen Bois as photographer.

1st game
Aidan Osobase, M, & William Yu, K, lost 1 down against Farri Gaba (L, 2010) & Freddie Copestick (P, 2010), (William Denehy played first 9 holes with Gaba and Copestick playing alternate shots).

2nd game
Ed Bayne, B, & Ollie Connell, R, lost 7 & 6 against Jan Brugelmann (P, 2003) & Dan Carver (R, 2004)

3rd game
Hamish Dicketts, E, & Charlie Witter, E, lost 5 & 4 against Cecil Boex (W, 1997) and SNP

Played on one of England’s finest inland courses. The Old course at Sunningdale is truly spectacular in its setting amongst mature pines and banks of heather in the undulating Surrey countryside. It is not as long as the New course, but perhaps offering more variety. There is never a dull moment and walking from green to the next tee the golfer is presented with yet another sublime vista and golfing challenge.
The format played was four ball, better ball.
In the first game, Osobase and Yu started well with solid driving and consistent play in the first 9 holes which put them 4 up. At this point their better ball score was under par. The experience of Farri Gaba and Freddie Copestick began to show through from this point. Harrow lost a little concentration and by the 17th were 1 down. A putt on the 18th was an opportunity to halve the match but this was just missed and OHGS took their first point.

In the second game, Bayne and Connell for Harrow started well with attacking play, but Brugelmann and Carver were in top form on this day and were giving little away and few opportunities for Harrow to take holes. The OHGS pair’s consistency led to an early victory on the 12th, with Harrow losing 7 & 6 (known as a “dog license” for those old enough to remember old money and the then cost of a license).

In the final game the new Harrow talent of Witter and Dicketts came up against some quality play from the OHGS’ Boex and our very own Master i/c, SNP, who started the campaign with a solid birdie on the first. Harrow were 4 down at the turn and bravely kept going although thwarted at every turn. The final blow to Harrow’s hopes came when Witter chipped in for birdie on 14 only to have Boex hole a 30 foot putt to halve the hole. Sometimes it seems that whatever you do it is not enough, and Harrow lost 5 and 4.

The school is extremely grateful to Sunningdale and the OHGS for hosting this game.

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