The Midland Meeting

The Public Schools Midland Golf Meeting is held annually at Little Aston Golf Club, Sutton Coldfield with the following schools taking part, Repton, Malvern, Shrewsbury, Harrow, Rugby, Oundle, Uppingham, Rossall, Wrekin & King Edwards School, Chelton.  Each school enters a team of 10, the morning round is a foursomes Stabelford for the 'MK Foster challenge Cup' this is won by the School returning the best three scores under handicap, there are also prizes for the best Gross & Net scores. The afternoon round is usually shorter than 18 holes and there is an allowance for age so judicious pairings can help.

Harrow has had a long tradition of competing in this event despite the fact that Harrow is not located in the midlands!  Here is a link to the official report on the 2015 event which includes a quote from an OH (Jerome Wilcox).  

This was the team when Harrow last won there in 2005 and it is time we did so again.

Little Aston is one of England's best-loved inland courses and for many years has enjoyed an enviable pedigree in the Top 100 courses in Great Britain and Ireland as surveyed by Golf World, being ranked 55th in 2008.   Located just north of Birmingham, it is worth the journey if you have never played there before.